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Fashion Stylist!!!!!! Aspiring Stylist!!!!!! — Atlanta

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A Lesson in SWANK is a preparatory workshop series for aspiring and established Fashion Stylists; taught by celebrity fashion stylist, Olori SWANK ( The workshop series is broken into three segments. Take one, take two, or take all three. The purpose of these courses is to teach you every aspect of the fashion styling business from beginning to end. You will learn what the business is really about, how it works, how to get started, and how to stay in business.

Workshop 1: The Business ($175)
June 24

- A one-day, in-class workshop that focuses on the business side of fashion styling. You will learn how to get started in fashion styling, and the tools of the trade to keep your fashion business running. You will be provided with an all-inclusive workbook covering topics such as (but not limited to): style development, various job types, job prep, determining rates, budgets, shopping & returns, pull requests, building contacts, getting work, production companies & agencies, how to build your portfolio, and how to build your prop kit.

CLASS TIME: 12p-3p

Workshop 2: The Fundamentals ($100)
June 25

- A one-day, in-class workshop that focuses on developing the fundamentals and knowledge you will need for a career in fashion. You will learn: who the top designers are (and how to pronounce their names), how to forecast trends, how to conduct pre-production research and fittings, how to use the tools in your styling kit, dressing different age groups & body types, personal shopping, building inspiration boards and fashion history. You will receive an all-inclusive workbook for this course.

CLASS TIME: 12p-3p 

Workshop 3: The Portfolio ($375)
June 26

- This course is just as the name states. It's all about building your portfolio! It's a one day photo shoot with all the production done for you. We will provide the photographer (, model, hair stylist, makeup artist, clothes and prop kit. All you need to do is show up and style!! Creative direction will be left solely to you; however, Olori SWANK will be on hand to assist and support you throughout your shoot. We will be hand-selecting wardrobe beforehand; but feel free to bring several of your own pieces to augment your options. At the end of the day, you will receive a file of your images to start (or add to) your portfolio. This class is perfect for all fashion stylists (aspiring and experienced). A shoot of this quality to could easily cost 3-4 thousand dollars, and not to mention you might not have the credentials to pull from the various designers and showrooms. This course is the perfect way to add to create your own shoot at an extremely affordable rate. 

CLASS TIME: 12p-6p

  • Atlanta, Georgia, United States